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Lost & Found and a busy week ahead!

We have a busy week ahead of us, so please read until the end!

Congratulations, swimmers, on the team win over Country Club of the South! And thank you, volunteers, for another successfully executed home meet!

Following the meet Thursday, I left a pair of Gap or Athleta charcoal gray…

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2nd Meet & Upcoming Events

Greetings Neely Swim Families!

Congratulations Mallards and parents for a great first swim meet! There were a number of nail-biter races and it was great to hear the whole team cheering!! Thank you volunteers for all your hard work.

We currently have 24 undeclared swimmers for this Thursday’s home meet…

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Last minute details and help needed

Greetings Neely Swim Families!

It's almost Meet day...

We currently have 83 swimmers signed up to swim tomorrow; Martin's Landing is bringing 108. Please be aware that there are multiple age groups for which we can field only one relay team per relay event.  We simply don't have the swimmers…

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35 Undeclared swimmers

Greetings Neely Swim Families!

We still have 35 swimmers who have not responded for this Thursday’s home meet against Martin’s Landing and 59 swimmers who have not RSVP’d for the Kick-off Breakfast.

If you’ve not already done so, please RSVP HERE for the Martin’s Landing swim meet! Please specify Attending

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Week of 5/23

Good Morning Mallards!

We are off to a great start this season. The Mock Meet went off without a hitch and we are busy preparing for our first meet next week!

A Couple of Notes:

  • Please sign-up your swimmers for next Thursday's meet by Sunday. It is better…
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READ ME: Martin's Landing meet @ Home next Thursday

Greetings Neely Swim Families!

Next week we’ll host our first official swim meet of the season at HOME against Martin’s Landing. Please log in HERE and RSVP (either yes or no) your swimmers for the meet NO LATER than 8:00 pm this Sunday. Remember, parent participation is mandatory for…

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Thanks & meeting reminder

Greetings Neely Swim Famillies!

Thank you to all of you who came out to support team sponsor Silver Linings! And a special thank you to the Cassars, the Mocks, Halle McCoy, Katie McCracken, Natalie Muir, Jeff Rayman, the Readys, the Woodroughs and the Youngmans for all their assistance with load-in…

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Welcome & Volunteer Needs

Greetings Mallard Families and welcome to the Neely Swim Team 2019 Season!

This is the first of multiple weekly (hopefully one weekly) emails that will contain a LOT of information. Please read the entire email! Should you have questions now, or throughout the season, feel free to email me at …

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Pre-season Stroke Clinic

Greetings Mighty Mallards!!

The Spartan Aquatics Club will be holding two pre-season stroke clinics, one this Saturday, April 20th from 10:30 to 11:30 am (Fly and Back) and one Saturday, May 4th from 10:30 to 11:30 am (Breast and Free).  Both clinics will be held at the aquatics center at…

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March 31 Deadlines

Neely Swim Families,

This is your last week to take advantage of Early Bird Registration!! 

The special registration price will EXPIRE March 31!!

Effective April 1, registration costs will increase by $15, per swimmer, for all age groups.

Don’t leave for Spring Break without registering for summer swim …

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