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Practice Schedule

All swimmers are encouraged to attend practice regularly and be prepared to do their best. Practices are really only Monday through Wednesday: Thursday is a lighter practice before swim meets and Friday is FUN FRIDAY.

Please have your swimmer arrive early so that they are ready to dive in at the practice start time. Swimmers are also expected to behave in a positive manner during practice and be respectful of all coaches. Please know that disruptive or rude behavior at practice will not be tolerated and the coaches have the right to remove the swimmer from practice for a few minutes or the entire practice. If that happens, one of the coaches will discuss the matter with the parent.

Covid-19 Update

To maintain compliance with Georgia Department of Health guidance, all swimmers must have their temperature checked (touch-less) prior to practice each day. They should come to practice dressed and either be able to "cap" themselves or have a family do it. They must enter the pool area via the main entrance gate and exit via the side gate. No more that 24 swimmers will be allowed in the pool at any one time and no more than 50 people total (including swimmers, coaches and parents) will be allowed in the pool area at any one time. Swimmers must be able to complete practice unassisted and be able and WILLING to follow directions from the pool deck. They must also be able and willing to "circle swim" (swimming on the ride side of the lane in both directions) and maintain a 6 ft distance from other swimmers at all times. Practice will be limited to morning practice only and all swimmers, coaches and parents must leave the pool area after the last morning practice.

Tentative - This schedule may change.

Morning practice: 

Monday thru Thursday, June 22 through July 31

Ages 11 & Up Advanced 
  7:30 - 8:30 am
Ages 11 & Under Beginner   8:40 - 9:10 am
Ages 11 & Up Intermediate 9:15 - 10:00 am

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