Banquet rosters, Tuesday meet and more ASA details

Greetings Neely Swim Families!

Remember, our last dual meet of the season is TOMORROW, Tuesday, June 25, at Doublegate Swim & Tennis, 9880 Twingate Drive, Johns Creek, GA 30022. A few parking spaces will be available at the pool; if you park on the street, please park on the SAME SIDE OF THE STREET as the POOL! Arrival time for swimmers is 4:15 pm; volunteers, please check in by 5:00 pm. Our bullpen will be on the pool deck, nearest the diving boards. Look for the team tents. This year's final theme is Red, White and Blue!

The pot luck and volunteer rosters for the End of Season Swim Banquet have been POSTED and are OPEN. Every family attending must bring a dish and work a volunteer shift. The team will provide (G-rated) drinks and meat. You’ll find the rosters HERE. Please note there are TWO rosters, one for food, the other for volunteer shifts.

The banquet has also traditionally been a time when families thank the coaches for their work during the season. If you have a coach who you or your swimmers would like to thank, please feel free to bring a card, small gift or other token of appreciation. We will provide personalized bags for each of our coaches, Madison Wolfe, Grace Berg, Parker Bush, Alex Whitesides, Eddie Gonzales, Paul Cassar, Emma Mock, Mitsue Ostapiuk and CIT’s (Coaches in Training) Catherine Sacca and Caroline Stewart.

The banquet will officially start at 6:00 pm, but we will host an exhibition swim at 5:45 pm for our Ducklings. Please come early to cheer them on!

We still have an open Girls timer position for Thursday’s Divisional at Georgia Tech. Please consider filling this role. The meet can’t take place without volunteers!

ALL meet workers should go downstairs via the back-hallway stairs behind the spectator seating area. Do NOT use the stair case located under the scoreboard by the boys pool. That stair case will be for swimmers and coaches only.

  • Timers will need to report to the bullpen for their respective pools 30 minutes prior to the start of the session .
  • Bullpen workers will need to report to their respective Bullpen at the beginning of the session.
  • Awards workers will need to report to the scoring room at the beginning of their session.

Please note the order of events will be different during Divisionals than in regular dual meets. The order is as follows:

1. 6 & Under Free Relays (All 6 & Unders should go to the bullpen as soon as they are done swimming their relays to get lined up for their freestyle swim.)

2. All Medley Relays

3. 6 & Under 25 Freestyle (All 6 & Unders swimming the backstroke should go to the bullpen as soon as they are done swimming freestyle to get lined up for their backstroke swim.)

4. All Remaining Freestyle Relay Events

5. 6 & Under Backstroke (After this event the 6 & Unders are done swimming.)

6. All Remaining individual events (Short Free, Long Free, Back, IM, Breast, Fly)

During Finals, the meet will start with all relay events first, and then a regular order of events.

All event numbers will remain the same as those in a regular dual meet. Only the order will be different.

Please go HERE to purchase your parking pass for Tech. DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER! If you don't have a parking pass, you'll have to park at the BASEBALL STADIUM!

I will provide additional details as they become available.

Thank you and see you at the pool!



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