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Neely Farm HOA Pool Rules




2.      The pool gate must be kept closed and locked at all times.

3.      All owners in good standing will be issued two pool entry card keys per household.  The card key must be used for entry into the pool area regardless of whether an attendant is present.  Pool attendants will not provide pool access.

4.      There will be a $20.00 fee for each replacement of a lost or damaged card key.

5.     At All Times:

  1. Under 11 years old:  All Children under the age of 11 will require supervision by a parent, or by a caregiver designated by a parent or legal guardian.  
  2. 11+ years old: Children at least 11 years of age may swim at the pool without a parent or legal guardian present when there is an attendant on duty.
  3.  13+ years old: Children at least 13 years of age may swim at the pool without a parent or legal guardian during pool hours.  
  4. All caregivers must be at least 15 years of age.

6.      A Neely Farm resident must accompany all guests.  Residents are responsible for their guest’s actions and for their compliance with the pool rules.  If a resident has more than 10 guests, then they must comply with the “private function event protocols” for the pool.  See section #22 of the Neely Farm Pool Rules. 

7.      Long-term visitors/visiting family members may use a resident card key.  Please notify our management company  by email the names and duration of the stay of your guests.  Residents are responsible for their visitor’s actions and compliance with all pool rules. 

8.      Violation or abuse of the pool rules, or abuse of community  property will result in loss of pool privileges.  Residents will also be responsible for reimbursement of any repair cost associated  with damage property.                                                                                                           

9.   The following items are prohibited in the pool area:

NO glass containers.

NO gum.

NO roller-skates/blades or bicycles.

NO running.

NO shouting or other loud disruptive behavior.

NO tennis balls/rubber balls.

NO metal objects (toys, barrettes, etc.).

NO radios, tape players or similar noise producing articles, unless equipped with earphones

NO cut-offs: proper swimming attire only.

NO animals inside the fenced pool area (Gwinnett County Ordinance).

NO use of the baby pool by children 5 and older.


10.  Children in diapers or who are not potty trained must use a  swim diaper.     

11.  When attendant is present, they have the right to discipline anyone who does not comply with the Neely Farm Pool Rules.  Discipline will be maintained at all times and violations will be treated as follows: 

NON-VIOLENT discipline problems including but not limited to, running, roughhousing in or out of the water, general pool violations, boisterous conduct, etc.

1st offense:  Half-hour out of the pool

2nd offense same day: Dismissed from the pool area until the following day.  Referred to parents.  Pool Committee notified.

Further offenses:  Subject to revocation of pool privileges for the remainder of the summer. 

VIOLENT discipline problems including, but not limited to, fighting, theft, tripping, vulgarism, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or destruction of Neely Farm property.

1st offense:  Dismissed from pool area and suspended for at least one additional day.  Referred to parents and pool committee notified.

Further Offenses:  Subject to revocation of pool privileges for the remainder of summer


12.  When attendant is present, the first 10 minutes of every hour  will be an adult swim period.  All children will clear the pool during this time, and attendant will be on a break.   

13.  The pool telephone is located in the pool area.   It is for emergency use only.  There is no other phone available.

14.  Water games will be permitted at the discretion of the pool attendant and may be prohibited during crowded conditions.

15   Deep end diving rope must be replaced when removed for lane swim or swim team practice or swim team meets. 

16.  The use of certain floatation devices may be prohibited during crowded conditions.  The judgment of the pool attendant will be final.

17.  Chairs, lounges or any type of furniture brought to the pool area must be removed upon leaving.  No portable pools are allowed in or around the pool area.

18.  All trash, cups, cans, newspapers, etc must be removed from the pool area and placed in the proper waste/recycling receptacles.  Unclaimed clothes, towels and other usable objects left in the pool area will be collected and donated WEEKLY to charity.

19. No resident shall knowingly enter the pool area, or permit a child or guest to do so while wearing bandages or suffering from an infectious or communicable disease.

20. The pool will be closed when necessary for maintenance.

21. If thunderstorms are present, and lifeguard is not on duty, pool residents/visitors must leave the pool and remain out of the pool 30 minutes after the last thunder sound. 

22. The pool is for the private use of individual owners at Neely Farm.  Any private function (Children’s birthday party, etc.) must be cleared through the Pool Committee by contacting Robin Bivings at Bivtpa@me.com or using the pool reservation form on the Neely Farm website.  Sears Pool Management requires seven (7) days advance notice for all parties.  The Pool Committee will not approve any parties in excess of 25 people total during regular hours.

23. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.

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